• Our 3 locations amount to over 6,000,000 cubic ft of available storage space.
  • Our space can be easily converted to frozen, refrigerated or dry storage depending on our customers needs.
  • We work with our customers to offer a wide variety of loading options and techniques.
  • Many of our dedicated employees are specialized in case picking, repalletizing, shrink wrapping and other customer needs.
  • We offer quick freezing capabilities for temperature sensitive product.
  • All of our products are tracked and accounted for through our integrated inventory management system.


  • We offer a large contact list of carriers we have been working with for many years and will help our customer determine their best option.
  • We are locally serviced via rail by Norfolk Southern. Our dropping point code is C73.


  • We give our customers real time information on their product and trucking status to help our customers maximize their efficiency and communication.